Website Design Services in Albany, NY

Your website leaves a first impression for your business. You want it to be easy to navigate, informational, responsive and especially mobile-friendly. Studies have proven that customers are more likely to purchase from your website or inquire within if your website is visually structured and appealing. Our websites have shown excellence in being clean, compatible with SEO, SEM, and paid advertising campaigns, as well as providing an easy sales funnel for you to acquire leads through the website.

ADK Social Media offers many CMS systems dependent on your specific business needs. From Wordpress, to completely HTML coded Dreamweaver websites, we’ll work with you on any project. When you give us an idea of what you visually want, we’ll create a game plan including color scheme, fonts, layouts and folders. We’ll also give you our expert opinions on which would work best.

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What do our websites include?

  • Technical Assistance Available 24/7 via Email

  • G-Suite Domain Email Set Up

  • Initial SEO Implementation

  • SSL Certificate for 1 Year

  • Domain for 1 Year

  • Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design

  • Clean Code

  • Custom Implementation

  • Social Network Connection

  • Effective User Experiences

  • Beautiful, Clean Layout

Website Checklist

Responsive Design


SSL Certificate

Rank High on Google


Rich, Optimized Content

See how your website ranks.


Market Research

Adirondack Social Media closely analyzes the market and competitors to ensure your website excels. Our designers have a great eye and pay close attention to detail. Our Albany web design company differentiates itself from others by effectively researching the market and keywords. By utilizing keyword research, we can implement putting search engine optimization into your website.

Analytics & Reporting

Our team will provide in-depth analytics and reporting for your website performance. We use services such as Google Analytics and benchmark other companies to show you your portion of market share in your competitive area. By using analytics, we can determine which marketing campaign strategies through your website are working. We also offer various reports for PPC, social media advertising, search engine optimization and other marketing campaigns.

Rich Content Creation: SEO

Adirondack Social Media initially implements SEO into all websites. We’ll make sure your page shows up on Google for certain keywords when searched. Please understand that SEO is an on-going process, because new pages are added to Google every second. If you want your page to constantly show up and eventually get to the first page for broad keyword matches, check out our SEO services. We guarantee you’ll see quality results.

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